Deliberative Democracy


The DDC website seeks to support research activities and to advance practice in deliberative democracy. Provided several resources, from electronic publication (journal, documents in various formats and bulletin) to info material on its activities.


The website contents are managed by a public-private member committee in association with non-profit organizations, universities and firms


Info and contents are structured in subcategories with information and links to the various sections. A description of the goals of this website is offered in the homepage. Materials are provided in several basic formats

Information density

The CDD website offers different resources: discussion papers, a blog, an e-bullettin, a rich webliography with an inventory of materials published on the web, a wiki. A Deliberative Democracy Handbook is partially available online and access is also provided to the Journal of Public Deliberation

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Contents are related to political science as well as to other social disciplines, and may be useful especially for those scholars interested in deliberation and citizenship

Updating Rate

The sections devoted to the journal issues, to the consortium's blog and to its e-bulletins are updated with a good frequency, mainly on a monthly basis