Argentine Center of International Studies


The CAEI website gathers working papers and e-books concerning international relations,mostly Latin America-centered. Its content is organized under several sections and appears to be very well maintained and up-to-date.


Founded in 2005 as an indipendent and civil society organization, the CAEI gathers interested people, experts and scholars dealing with international relations


A good amount of content is layered throughout the site, whose content is neatly divided in different archives reflecting geographical regions and main areas of interest. Specific information and material from different sources are included in each section

Information density

Aimed at fostering international relations, the CAEI site provides contents related to current affairs and campaigns, with many working papers and e-books available

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Focused on current affairs and international relations, this site is certainly relevant for anybody interested in PS matters, particularly for those looking for a Latin American perspective

Updating Rate

With the last update clearly displayed in its homepage and near each document, the CAEI staff performs a remarkable updating rate