Research and Documentation Centre on Direct Democracy


The C2D manages a rich database covering data, legal documents and articles concerning 3,500 vote events in more than 200 countries. The library section gives access to a large amount of publications. Webpages are updated regularly and frequently.


This website is managed by a large and selected team of academic researchers and experts. Published material is collected or provided by the Centre' itself as research activity results


Detailed annotations and metainfo are provided for a great amount of bibliografic records. Full-text research paper and data are provided as well

Information density

A rich database on direct democracy in Switzerland, Europe and the world, which contains information on referendum and popular initiatives and on their use in popular votes. A large amount of basic infos, data, articles and bibliography is always available

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The Centre aims at promoting research on direct democracy in a cross-disciplinary perspective. Hence its website shows high pertinence to social science, and especially to political science

Updating Rate

Sections on news and press releases present a high updating rate, mainly on a weekly basis