Structure and Organization of Government


The website provides information and news about the committee's research activities, as well as material concerning conferences and related publications. Nevertheless the number of provided records is quite limited.


As a research committee, the selection of contents for the website is managed by scholars members of an elected board


Categorization and annotations are provided for a good quantity of items, usually focusing on research activities of the committee and its organization. Some full text in word format is also provided

Information density

The website provides information about the structure of the committee, its mission and members, giving news on upcoming events and recent publications. Some conferences'call for papers, schedules, reports and panels presentations are offered as well. In addition users are allowed to access lists of recent issues of the committee official journal

Content Pertinence to Political Science

By networking scholars devoted to government studies, the website focuses entirely on political science

Updating Rate

Updating varies along the nature of the section: lists of recent issues of the committee's journal are posted frequently and regularly, while sections devoted to news and announcements are updated according to research timing