International Foundation for Election Systems


Covering a vast range of topics concerning elections and democracy, the IFES webpages give access to structured archives on elections over the world and on the center's activities. Material is offered in several formats, included multimedia files.


IFES staff consists of 150 professionals from 25 countries leading projects for electoral and technical assistance, and supporting democratic and electoral processes


IFES webpages provide structured info on the Foundation's activities and publications. Items are presented in various formats, from textual to pdf, ppt, and multimedia files

Information density

This website gathers a large amount of info on the Foundation's current activities, reports and research materials. In addition to this an Election Guide is available as well, a very comprehensive source offering accurate data on political systems and national electoral results

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With its focus on elections and democracy building, this website focuses on some crucial topics for political science

Updating Rate

Very high updating frequency. News and press releases are posted every week