The Center for the Study of Democracy


Focusing on the topics of institution building and democracy consolidation, the Center's website is plenty of resources on the Bulgarian case. In a well-structured archive full-text books, reports and papers are offered with details.


Collaborating with various institutional and academic partners, the Center brings together a large group of scholars. An academic staff is in charge for the content production and selection


Annotated records contained in this webpage are structured in clear categories and ordered by year. Various layer of information are available, from event descriptions to abstracts. Full-text material related to the research activities is also available

Information density

Besides offering detailed info on the Center's programs and initiatives, the website gives access to a rich archive with a large amount of full-text books, reports, papers, program documents and policy briefs

Content Pertinence to Political Science

As an independent organization fostering reform processes in East Europe, this website provides documents of interest for social scientists interested in Bulgarian democratization process

Updating Rate

According with research timing, new records and publications are added. Posts and news are updated on a weekly basis