Centre for the Study of Public Policy


The main website focus is on European countries of recent democratization and development. Abstracts and annotations for research reports and barometer surveys are provided, as well as book descriptions and sample readings.


The Center is related to the University of Aberdeen. His director is an academic and a political scientist


Publications are organized by topics or by chronological order, and presented with abstracts and other annotations in image format. As for books, tables of contents and some sample readings are also provided

Information density

A good quantity of abstracts and information concerning barometer surveys and other publications is available. For each barometer survey full-text questionnaires with answers are also accessible

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Interesting records for scholars devoted to political science (especially survey barometers focused on countries of recent democratization). The core topics are: democratization and development, economic enterprise and privatization, health, parties and elections, poverty and social protection, social capital

Updating Rate

New publications and research reports are added every three or four months, and a special section is devoted to latest news and events