International Monetary Fund


With a perfect updating rate (particularly for press releases and working papers), the IMF website provides a huge amount of info and data well-organized under an integrated and multi-layered structure. Material available in different formats.


The IMF is an international organization of 185 member countries, one of the world's largest institutions. Its website is managed in Washington, DC and its contents are those officially provided by the organization's working committees and research groups


The site structure is well planned and organized, with a series of vertical steps enabling users to effectively locate pages and items. Materials are available in different formats

Information density

Covering a variety of global monetary issues, the IMF website gathers a vast amount of information and material (reports, press releases, data-sheets, working papers).Users have so much info at their fingertips that they could feel overwhelmed

Content Pertinence to Political Science

This website is focused on monetary and economy matters worldwide and within specific countries, with good relevance for PS studies

Updating Rate

Perfect updating rate throughout the site, particularly for press releases and working papers