Berkman Center for Internet & Society


By producing a vast and comprehensive coverage of internet law, governance and developments, this website is a source of updated information and ideas that have great relevance for PS studies and for the internet community at large.


The Berkman Center is an academic think tank launched in 1996 that produces a vast and comprehensive coverage of internet law and developments with an interdisciplinary approach and contributions from world-renowned scholars


Along with information drawn from a variety of sources and formats, this site features several layers of information distributed through many sections, subsections, and pages, with records available in many different formats

Information density

Due to its wide scope, plenty of original content (such as research papers, news, and also RSS feeds and several podcasts) are offered by this website, which provides overall an excellent quantity and quality of material targeting the internet community at large

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Addressing such highly-debated issues as internet law, governance and its future developments, the Center website has great relevance for PS studies and research

Updating Rate

The website is professionally managed, thus ensuring a constant update of its content (particularly news and projects), in order to keep up with the Center's many activities and the internet pace