Chatham House


The well organized content of this website covers a variety of international issues divided in easily accessible areas and structured pages. Mostly related to the Chatham House activities and publications, this material is useful for PS studies.


A numerous group of experts, called Directory of Expertise, provides and manages the center's and the website's contents according to their topics of interest and competence


Fairly organized in several sections, the website content provides access to many structured info pages and areas, clearly related and connected to one another. Content is usually available in pdf format

Information density

This website provides general and membership information, publication and research papers, events, audio and transcripts, and other material related to the Chatham House activities. A great quantity of information about intertwined issues and always well assembled

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering a variety of international matters and regions, the Chatham House has created a excellent info resource not just for its own activities but also for the PS world at large

Updating Rate

The site is very well mantained, with prompt updates for publications and documents, as well as about upcoming events and a current news applet running in the home page window