European Institute of Public Administration


The EIPA website represents an useful source for scholars interested in European issues. Working papers, research reports and info on the institute's current activities, as well as a library catalogue and EU documentations are provided.


Based in Maastricht, EIPA has five antennas in different EU countries and in Brussels. The permanent staff is composed by over fifty members and it consists of both academics and civil servants


Website contents are presented in a well developed structure with annotations, data and archives. Each publication is provided with metadata and abstract as well

Information density

Available a large amount of books, research papers and proceedings on current European issues. Plenty of info on the institute's organization and activities, this website gives also access to a rich library catalogue

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With its working units on European decision making process and on comparing public administrations, EIPA activities cover topics of main interest for political scientists

Updating Rate

Updating rate varies along with the sections: reports and other publications are added twice a year, while news on conferences, trainings and seminars are often added