Center for the Study of the Presidency & Congress


Even if limited to the US presidency, the website is a rich source of material and information on the CSP research activities and interests. Pertinence to political science is high, yet updating rate is not frequent.


The Center for the Study of Presidency brings together experts from government, academia, and the corporate world. Hence it staffs complex professional expertise


Classification and detailed annotations are provided for a good number of records, in various formats, from lists forms to photos. For journals and other publications, tables of contents and images are offered as well

Information density

Available a large amount of information on the Center, its staff and activities. In addition user can find research materials such as papers, articles, journal's tables of contents, as well as news about upcoming events

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With its specific focus on the American presidency and related institutions, the website presents interesting contents for scholars devoted to the study of American politics. Hence the website's pertinence to political science is high

Updating Rate

The updating rate is not very high and new documents are posted according to research timing and upcoming events