Center for American Women and Politics


An outstanding site for those scholars interested in women studies and civic engagement studies. It provides a good quantity of research and teaching material on the women-in-politics issue, as well as info on the center's activities.


This website is managed by a small group of staff members, composed by academicians and professionals, and based at Eagleton Institute of Politics at the State University of New Jersey


CAWP webpages offer detailed annotations and coherent classification for a good quantity of records, usually presented as factsheets and organized in a continuously updated database

Information density

The National Information Bank on Women in Public Office offers a large amount of data on political engagement of American women from 1975. Other various research publications and teaching materials are also available

Content Pertinence to Political Science

This website contains useful material for scholars interested in gender, women and civic engagement studies. Hence it presents a good pertinence to political science

Updating Rate

News, data, reports and publications are added with a high updating frequency, mainly on a weekly basis