The Center for Communication and Civic Engagement


Focusing on the study of new information technologies, this website gives access to a large set of infos and publications with adequate upcoming frequency.


A group of academics at the University of Washington is involved in the CCCE's activities


Comments and metainfo are provided for large sets of records. Working papers and other publications are offered with annotations and abstracts and are retrievable in different formats

Information density

The website provides infos on the Center's projects and staff, its publications and conference programs. It also gives access to a database of literature on information technologies, including project reports, academic research, working papers, pre-prints, committee proceedings, scientific and technical documentation

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The CCCE's programs and projects cross the boundaries of disciplines, with a specific focus on communication processes and political science

Updating Rate

Although it depends on research timing, updating rate is quite frequent: new publications are added when available