Workshop in Political Science and Political Analysis


A large number of full-text papers concerning policy and institutional analysis as well as detailed info about the Workshop activities. Direct access to the rich Workshop Library, providing thematic references and more than 60,000 records.


The multidisciplinary Workshop Affiliated Faculty is composed by scholars from Indiana University and other universities who have a central interest in the study of economic and political institutions


This website provides documents and papers of the Workshop's activity. A fair quantity of them is full-text available in pdf format, while sometimes abstracts, seminar syllabi or conference agenda are retrievable only in html format

Information density

This website is very rich in research material (working papers, abstracts of past colloquia, bibliographical references) as well as information about the Workshop activities (seminar syllabi, conference agenda, newsletters). It is also connected to the Workshop Research Library, which provides a database with 62,000 records mostly full-text

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With an interdisciplinary research agenda, the publications are mainly in the field of institutional and policy analysis

Updating Rate

The frequency of updating is lower than in previous years and some sections are no longer updated, though recent events and activities of the Workshop are regularly updated