Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy


Aiming at fostering intercultural dialogue, this website represents a good opportunity for scholars interested in the study of Islam. Plenty of research material and infos about the center activities are regularly updated.


The Center's staff is composed by a selected team of scholars, activists and leaders from the Muslim community


Clear directories and standardized paths permit easy navigation. In addition each item is presented with detailed annotation and infos

Information density

This website provides a good number of infos about the center's activities besides giving access to a sampling of lectures by prominent authorities on Islam and democracy. Contents include conference abstracts and proceedings, lecture transcripts, summaries and papers. Long lists of press releases and related media articles are also retrievable

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With its specific focus on Islam, the website presents high pertinence to political science as well as to other social sciences

Updating Rate

Updating rate represents an added value: news, articles or new publications are added on a monthly basis, or even more frequently