International Idea


The website gives access to a large amount of detailed and commented contents, from reports to handbooks and datasets, in a wide range of formats.


As an intergovernmental organization with member states from all continents, IDEA works in partnership with a wide range of institutions


Contents are provided in various formats, from list to full-text, and are presented with rich annotations and in several languages. For many publications also descriptions and tables of contents are provided and access to commented databases is offered

Information density

A great amount of publications are provided as well as a number of information databases and links to pertinent external websources

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Idea's activity covers five PS core themes: democracy definition, democracy building, electoral processes, political parties and women in politics

Updating Rate

A specific section is devoted to news and upcoming events, updated mainly on a weekly basis. As far as reports and other publications are concerned, updating depends on research timing