A very useful tool for research on international peace and conflicts, providing large lists of internet webresources as well as full-text publications. High updating rate represents an added value for interested users.


A joint project between the UN University and the University of Ulster, whose staff comprises academics, practitioners and professionals with wide-ranging and long-term experience in conflict research. Contents and activities are supervised by a management board formed by center staff, its associates and University of Ulster personnel


A complex content organization structure provides metainfo and detailed annotations for a large amount of records, sometimes in a portal-like format. Other sections are, in their turn, organized as archives and databases

Information density

A remarkable quantity of webresources on peace and conflict, INCORE publications and research papers, and large lists of published works. Also provided reviews of the latest relevant literature

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Focused on international conflict research, this website presents a high pertinence to political science as well as to other social science disciplines

Updating Rate

With its impressive quantity of records, this website is very frequently updated