World Policy Institute


Project descriptions and full-text records are provided with a satisfactory updating rate. Research projects and groups activities are presented and retrievable. WPI website serves also as a discussion forum on specific world politics topics.


The Institute's staff is composed by a group of analysts, journalists, and writers in the public policy field


The website offers differently organized sets of items: from full-text papers, articles and research reports to abstracts. Other records are presented in list form or only in html versions

Information density

A fair quantity of infos about the institute and its research projects is provided, as well as a calendar of events. The website provides articles, research reports and issues of the World Policy Journal

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Devoted to international studies and world politics, this website shows a high pertinence to Political Science

Updating Rate

Updating is operated three or four times a year. New issues of World Policy Journal are added every three months