The Public Policy Institute of California


The PPIC website focuses on issues concerning Californian public policies and provides a rich list of its publications and other research material. Also available news releases and infos on the institute's activites with good updating rate.


The PPIC is managed by a multidisciplinary staff with expertise in many social science disciplines


This website presents a complex system of classification and record archiving, through a clear content management. For each record detailed classification, descriptions, comments, and full text are provided

Information density

The website provides several hundred publications, mainly consisting in research reports and summaries, survey data, as well as press releases and other infos on the institute's activities. A guide to policy experts is also available

Content Pertinence to Political Science

As a public policy research institute, the center is dedicated to key Californian issues, policies and events, covering several social sciences areas

Updating Rate

Press realeses and new publications are added with a high updating frequency, mainly on a monthly basis