Habermas Forum


As a good example of a volunteer-based, non-institutionalized use of the internet related to academic matters and contemporary figures, the Habermas Forum provides a simple format/structure, a fair amount of information and regular updates.


This is clearly a volunteer effort aimed to gather the most relevant information and material about a very specific topic from different sources


Information is presented under a simple format, with several thematic areas and columns very easy to locate, such as news, online texts, forum, etc. Habermas's scientific activity has been collected and presented in various formats, such as bibliographical info, abstracts, full-text presentations and speeches

Information density

Overall a fair amount of information is available in the website sections while more material can be reached by using the links pointing to related web initiatives

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering material related to a contemporary figure and to public opinion studies, this website is a good example of a volunteer-based use of the internet closely related to PS

Updating Rate

Material is uploaded whenever it becomes available, while the news section seems pretty much in line with current events