The website offers general information about IPSA activities, reports and material, along with paper abstracts, updated news and relevant events worldwide. Thanks to its integrated sections, it also provide access to external resources and activities


As a professional association, IPSA covers plenty of info and material related to and provided by its many international members -- national PS Associations, University departments, various Institutions and individual members


Several information layers enable access to such content as research committees and associations lists/links, members' books abstracts and other useful resources worldwide

Information density

Clearly organized, the IPSA site provides access to a series of integrated sections, including news, agenda, and call for papers. Also available are its Congress reports and proceedings abstracts and the monthly IPSA newsletter (in full-text)

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Supporting the overall mission of promoting the advancement of PS through collaboration of scholars worldwide and other related activities, the IPSA website is an essential resource for anybody interested in today's affairs and events

Updating Rate

Along with the monthly newsletter, the website content is regularly updated particularly in such sections as news and agenda items