School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy


Under a basic structure mostly aimed at providing general information about School courses and programs, this site offers also access to several working papers on EU affairs, particularly useful from an historical perspective


This institutional website contains basic information about SPIRE undergraduate programs and M.A. degrees along with staff members publications


The site follows a simple classification structure, divided in different sections/areas and each of them has a subsequent layer of pages. It offers access to archived publication records and working papers on such topics as foreign affairs, British environmental movement and EU countries' elections

Information density

Overall the information is presented under a basic structure providing a general overview of programs and data, along with several documents related to project websections such working and research papers

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The School programs and activities have some good relevance to PS studies, while the available papers cover issues related to EU countries' affairs and politics

Updating Rate

General info about programs and degrees do not need updates, and many working papers tend to have an historical perspective.