The Political Science Department at MIT


The MIT's Political Science Department website provides a dense but well organized array of information and full-text material, with several sections/areas regularly updated. This site is a must for PS scholars and students worldwide


The website is managed at the MIT Political Science Department, established in 1955 within the then Department of Economics and Social Science, becoming an independent department in 1965


A series of integrated databases are available, with their content divided in several sections and areas, including events, quick links, publications and more. Contents and records are provided both in textual and pdf formats

Information density

In the footsteps of the MIT authoritative tradition, this site offers a full-immersion experience in a dense but well organized set of archives. A large amount of material drawn from the MIT research projects and teaching courses and from further related sources is offered

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Covering many aspects of today's Political Science, this website offers subject areas spanning from Ethnicity and Identity to Policy Studies and International Security

Updating Rate

The vast majority of this material is perfectly updated, both for internal use (course schedules and programs, seminar series, etc.) and for general information and research projects