The Kennedy School of Government


The website offers all kinds of info about the School's organization, events, structures as well as about its Faculty, their scientific production and research interests. Many publications and research materials are also provided in various formats


The website material, as well as the content selection, are managed and updated by a professional staff based at Harvard University


The KSG website covers a very wide range of contents, including a great amount of mixed- and multimedia content in various formats (ie, audio, video)

Information density

These webpages provides plenty of useful research materials including publications, journals, magazines, working papers, newsletters and students publications - along with detailed info about the School's activities

Content Pertinence to Political Science

All content accessible in this website has a high pertinence to Political Science, and almost all fields of the discipline are covered here

Updating Rate

The website is frequently updated, particularly the Events section, whileother parts have news items on a monthly basis