International Society of Political Psychology


Covering material related to ISPP activities (newsletters, programs, courses, etc.), this website features a simple layer structure and slightly structured pages, with an interdisciplinary approach useful for PS studies. Excellent updating rate.


Based and managed at the Syracuse University, the ISPP website maintenance and content selection is assured by the Central Office and the ISPP Committees and Committee Members


The content material is organized under a simple framework, with the overall format based on a series of slightly structured pages. Online and pdf membership forms are provided

Information density

This website provides a fair amount of information for the general public and experts. General information about political psychology and material related to ISPP activities (newsletter archive, programs, courses, etc.) are given

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With its interdisciplinary approach at the intersection between politics and psychology, the ISPP site offers some good material for PS studies

Updating Rate

Overall the site appears to be quite up-to-date, particularly for such areas as event calendar, calls for papers and internal resources