European Consortium for Political Research


The ECPR webpages provide detailed layers of information about its many activities and members, as well as links to more research material: conference papers from 1999, journal issues, standing groups papers and much more - with a great updating rate


The Consortium comprises more than 300 members, including European full member institutions and associate members from all over the world


A very structured series of pages provide several layers and areas with specific news, data, metainfo and more content on different topics worldwide

Information density

In addition to detailed information about the ECPR activities and projects, a rich archive with conference papers is available, covering almost all related events since 1999

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Being the website of the major European consortium for political science, the ECPR site content provides extremely relevant information and research material for the PS field

Updating Rate

News, announcements and events are perfectly current, while publications follow the editorial timing