Eagleton Institute of Politics


The Institute's website gives general info about activities and research programs under a simple classification structure, and with prompt updates for news and upcoming events. Research reports and project descriptions are also provided


The Eagleton Institute website is managed by an internal staff involved with the Rutgers University, New Jersey


Reflecting the whole site's basic structure, the information outline is mostly provided within one page and/or under a simple classification format. Rich-in-text material, such as research reports and publications, are available in textual formats

Information density

A fair amount of research reports and ongoing projects are retrievable, along with press releases and news about internal events and activities. Each project or research group usually shows a specific page with more material

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Addressing the Institute community needs, this content material is useful for PS students and faculty members alike

Updating Rate

In general this site offers a frequent updating rate, even more so for news and upcoming events related to the academic activities