Società Italiana di Scienza Politica


The SISP website provides access to a relevant number of general info about Political Science in Italy, concerning teaching, member scholars, researches, events and SISP annual conferences. Research papers, e-resources, metainfo are also provided


The Italian Political Science Association is managed by its members and by an elected steering committee, selected among scholars and experts in the discipline. This committee oversees the website management.


The website gives access to numerous metadata and infos referring to different records (departments, scholars, researches, etc.), as well as to papers and documents

Information density

A relevant number of scholarly information is provided concerning members, their research interests, their affiliation, their teaching activities. Proceedings of the last annual meeting are available as well as many links to pertinent resources

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The SISP Association and its website are focused on activities and development of PS discipline in Italy and elsewhere

Updating Rate

New entries posting differs in the specific pages -- best updating rate is about news, conferences, members info, and publications