Institution for Social and Policy Studies


Through this well-organized website the ISPS provides a fair quantity of records about its activities, projects, staff and upcoming events, along with access to some full-text publications. New content is posted with a varying frequency


Content selection is operated by a group of scholars based at Yale University, aiming at improving the interdisciplinary inquiry in the social sciences


Only classifications and some comments are offered for a fair quantity of records. ISPS sets of records rarely contain full-text documents

Information density

The site offers detailed info on the institution's research and teaching activities as well as some papers, research explanations and bibliographical references

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With its focus on public policy, this website is quite relevant to political science as well as to other social science disciplines

Updating Rate

Updating rate varies along the sections. Mainly news and publications are added on a monthly basis, while publications do not follow the same pace