Political Studies Association


Based on several integrated databases and sources, the PSA website provides a great amount of information, with a high density level, a great relevance for PS studies worldwide and a timely updating rate.


This web site is the online interface of PSA, a very active professional association in UK. Content comes from its many activities, publications as well as conference and meetings


This website provides a multi-layered information structure, with a high level of content integration, but still effective and simple to sift through

Information density

Due to the wide scope and the vast audience of this site, its content becomes quite dense and large. A great amount of material is available, about many related topics and drawn from several integrated databases and sources

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Managed by the leading Association in its field in the UK, this website has great relevance for anyone interested in PS studies worldwide

Updating Rate

Well maintained by a professional staff, the site features a great updating rate, both for content material and events of interest for users of different backgrounds and levels