Deutsche Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft


The official website of the German Political Science Association provides info and metainfo about its activities and organization, as well as specific pages with research activities of its working, standing, and ad hoc groups, and thematic areas


This website (entirely and only in German) is managed by a small group of academic political scientists


Records and contents are mainly organized and presented as metainfo and basic information, briefly annotated and commented. Nevertheless, also some working papers and small repositories are provided

Information density

A fair quantity of info about the association's activities is offered, along with news about working groups' and thematic areas' initiatives and scientific productions

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Being the official website of the German of Political science association, its topics and research areas are quite related to that field -- with a particular focus on the German context

Updating Rate

The main pages are updated with a slow frequency, with the home page opening devoted to news items.