Asociación Chilena de Ciencia Política


Mostly centered on ACCP activities, information is easily available and centered on PS matters, particularly useful for South American scholars. Updating rate is regular, especially for news items


The site content is provided by ACCP and mostly focused on the association activities and South America-related information, along with some news and links to the international scene, essentially based on institutional sources


The information format is simply organized under a series of tree structures, providing for an easy overview of the available information for each section and for the general site as well. General information and bulletins, news on meetings and conferences plus some full-text papers and abstracts are available

Information density

A fair amount of infos is retrievable, mostly centered on ACCP activities and initiatives, with overall content generally handy to see and easy to grasp

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Centered on PS matters, both at local and international levels, the ACCP site is a good starting point particularly for South America's researchers and scholars

Updating Rate

This site provides a good updating rate only for such areas as News and Publications, and for the monthly ACCP bulletin. Several pages could be improved