Political science at IU Bloomington


Providing resources and services available through the University PS department, the website is focused on institutional sources and internal affairs, with different and sometime complex levels of data, most relevant to the PS community


The website is managed by the Department of Political Science at Indiana University at Bloomington, focusing mostly on institutional matters


Information is presented through a complex structure, including pictures, top-down menus and several links. Basic info, datasets and research papers are available in their original formats

Information density

The website is structured with different levels of data featuring a good information density. The website is focused on institutional resources and services that are available through the University PS department, along with some national news and events

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Addressing particularly the Indiana University community, the website material focuses on several key topics of the discipline

Updating Rate

While the weekly news bulletin for internal affairs is up-to-date, many other pages are less fresh, including course programs and research collections