Baromètre Politique Français


The BPF project is a rich tool providing political and social surveys on French political life. Plenty of data, metadata, authoritative comments and analyses are provided on the 06-07 surveys and the 2007 French elections.


Supported by the French Ministries of Domestic Affairs and of Territorial Development, the BPF is managed by the staff and scholars of the Cevipof, a research centre at Sciences-Po, Paris


All surveys results, comments and analyses are organized in different archives and provided in pdf format. Methodological explanations, metadata and info are also provided for each record

Information density

The BPF project currently contains the 2006-2007 surveys on French political life and the rich research on the 2007 presidential and legislative elections with plenty of scholarly comments and analyses

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Electoral issues as well as social attitudes are the main research topics of the BPF surveys so that this website can be very useful for those PS scholars interested in French politics

Updating Rate

Some sections are frequently updated while others follow the surveys and research timing