UK National Archives


Along with its many historical records, this database provides many material archived in traditional catalogues as well as online exhibitions, detailed reference records, archival procedures and info. New digital content is added regularly.


The National Archives, based at Richmond, Surrey, is the official archive for England, Wales and the UK government as well as the main archive for UK public information, being merged in 2006 with the Office of Public Sector Information


Organized under several categories and sections, the content appears well structured. Records are organized in complex archives with metadata about each record and its related catalogue or archive

Information density

Mostly filled with historical records related to the central UK government, this database is continuously expanding its digital collection, ranging from online exhibitions to detailed reference records to archival procedures

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Besides its valuable management content, this database is adding new digital content and highlighting recent-history and current issues thus being an interesting source for PS scholars

Updating Rate

Several documents are added each month in the archival section, while news are other features appear quite up-to-date