Politische Bildung Online


This portal, managed by a consortium of the German federal and regional states, provides many info about politics and society. Its pages offer several kinds of materials in various formats from e-learning projects to scientific publications online.


The German federal agency for civic and political education (politische Bildung) together with 15 regional agencies of the German states founded this portal and provide its material. The website is managed by the regional agency in Baden-Wuerttemberg


Materials are organized into several complex archives and provided in many different formats, from simple html pages to multimedia audio/video records, through many pdf and standard text formats

Information density

The Politische Bildung Online portal gives access to a remarkable quantity of records, from reports to scientific issues, newspapers and articles. Several e-learning projects are also available with their related materials

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Promoting knowledge and information about political and civic education are the main goals of the founding organizations - thus covering PS topics and related disciplines (history, economics, law)

Updating Rate

Some areas, such as the events calendar, are constantly updated, while in other sections records are added following their publication or other policies