Global NewsBank


This is a professional database tailored to students and researchers, providing news media items on international issues and events, with a good level of information density, a close relevance to today's PS studies and a sound updating rate


Billing itself as one of the world's premier information providers, Global NewsBank is a corporation based in Naples, Florida (USA) with offices in Connecticut


This website information is well organized, with easy access to different collections, media news lists and other documents (news transmissions, tv and radio broadcasts, etc.) provided in textual formats

Information density

NewsBank database offers a variety of textual information with records from more than 2,000 sources and about 95,000 articles added yearly

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Providing news media items on international issues and events - including prestigious names as the UK's The Economist and major US newspapers and magazines - this site is quite relevant to today's PS studies and research

Updating Rate

Providing perspectives on a variety of international issues, NewsBank features average updates every 2 to 3 months. The database could be updated more frequently, particularly for current events