European Research Papers Archive


Providing access to content material drawn from the various participating institutions, this simple database collection features a considerable amount of information relevant to academic researchers, while its general updating rate is quite variable


Covering working papers about EU integration process, the content material is drawn from the various participating Institutions which are in charge of selecting and peer-reviewing material according to Erpa publication policy


The database is organized under a simple structure, divided in different areas for the 10 participating Institutions. For each available paper metainfo, abstract and full text is provided. Papers are uploaded only if they meet the quality control policy guidelines

Information density

The ERPA archive provides access to a considerable amount of metainfo for over 1,100 working papers

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With so many papers related to the EU construction (some of them dated back to 1994), this database is quite relevant for academic researchers, also in an historical perspective

Updating Rate

New working papers are uploaded when they become available, thus the overall updating rate depends on partcipating partners