The OYEZ Project


The website is maintained by Northwestern University in partnership with public and private organizations. Content is organized in a multimedia relational database, collecting relevant and daily-updated information on US Supreme Court's justices


Content is selected by a team of professionals located at Northwestern University, in cooperation with a network of public and private organizations. Oyez audio is covered by a Creative Commons license


The Oyez database contains abstracts for all leading constitutional decisions of the Court. Information is organized in multimedia relational databases and is browsable by categories. For each court decision an abstract, an audio file (in various formats) and general metainfo are provided

Information density

The OYEZ database contains more than 3,000 hours of Supreme Court audio (since 1995). Summaries of the proceedings in the Court and other information are also available

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The contents of this website are of key interest, though indirect, to Political Science. OYEZ represents a successful demonstration of the power of multimedia integration with serious academic content

Updating Rate

The website has a daily update of happenings in the Supreme Court. A blog offers updated information on court events, such as cases being argued and justices being appointed