eScholarship Repository


Covering a vast range of subjects and material, provided directly by UC research units, centers and departments, eScholarship offers a well-organized information structure and good density level, with content relevant to PS and a great updating rate


With almost 18,000 papers fully accessible, the repository covers a vast range of material, provided directly by research units, centers and departments spread in the 10 University of California campuses involved


The overall information structure is well organized and neatly presented, with several topics and categories easy to browse and search, plus several extra options enabling further inquiries. Information is presented in various formats, from research lists to full-texts

Information density

With so many papers available, the information density is high and multi-layered, but nevertheless well distributed throughout the site and easily accessible

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The repository covers a vast array of subjects, from Nutrition to Zoology to Law and Economics, with a good level of material related to political and social sciences

Updating Rate

A great technical and organizational structure allows for high updating rate, particularly for the Postprints and Journals sections