International Federation of Data Organization for the Social Sciences


The IFDO website represents an useful set of links to data archives. For each record, topic or subject, it provides classification and detailed annotations with hypertextual connections. Slow updating rate


A result of the cooperation of several large national organizations, the website is maintained by a professional and scholarly staff with privileged connections to the German ZA Archive in Bonn


A good number of links to databanks and archives are classified by clear categories and largely annotated. Also many hypertextual documents are available

Information density

A relevant amount of links to international networks and websources, databanks and archives is provided. In addition, the IFDO website gives detailed metainfo, besides offering study packs and several hypertexts on topics of data collection, storing and archiving

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Being focused on social and political surveys and data, the IFDO content is relevant for political science studies, and the social sciences in general

Updating Rate

There are not indication about the updating rate, and many data seems quite static/old