American National Election Studies


By gathering data from and about public opinion research and surveys, ANES provides an important service about U.S. national elections background and outcomes, also featuring a good information density and updating rate


The ANES is a collaboration of Stanford University and the University of Michigan, with funding by National Science Foundation


The information structure is quickly grasped, due to its effective approach and essential style. Information is provided in various layers, from bibliographical data and references to full-text survey datasets

Information density

A good amount of information is provided and well distributed throughout the site including useful dataset dating back 1948 to now. Abstracts, a useful bibliography gathering over 5,100 citations of ANES activities and 23 biennal election studies are also available

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The ANES data provide great value to social scientists, policy makers and journalists - as well as anybody else - who want to better understand the theoretical and empirical foundations of U.S. national election outcomes

Updating Rate

Updates are posted with a great frequency, including general news and miscellaneous improvements