Socio-political Data Centre


Created by the French Sciences-Po foundation, the CDSP website gathers primary data concerning socio-political issues and offers info and data about surveys conducted in France and internationally both from the CDSP team and its partners.


The CDSP was founded by the Sciences-Po foundation in cooperation with the French National Research Centre and is managed by a staff based in Paris and directly linked with the Sciences-Po faculty. It is also a partner in the European data archives CESSDA and ICPRS


Data are provided in their primary source-formats, usually statistical (sav, stata, sas) files but also some pdf. Records are organized and stored in complex archives and displayed through the data bank software and interface Nesstar. Metadata and detailed methodological info are also provided

Information density

Several French and European surveys are available in the CDSP pages. Hundreds of primary files can be retrieved and accessed

Content Pertinence to Political Science

The surveys are focused on socio-political issues and events so that their pertinence to PS and sociology is extremely high

Updating Rate

In some sections - like News or Training - info and data are often added. The sureys sections are updated according to research timing