Archives Canada


Created in 2001 and then expanded, Archives Canada is an info gateway aiming to provide info on Canadian history by offering material from all partners. Thus its networked data are presented under well-structured archives with annotated details


Archives Canada is an official archival gateway maintained by the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA), in a joint initiative with many other institutions. Materials contained in the website are provided by the network's members


Organized under specific categories. Being essentially a catalogue gateway, Archives Canada's site avoids overload, thus most information is in a one-layer format. Records are annotated with plenty of metainfo provided

Information density

This website relies on holdings from over 800 archival institutions across the country, thus gathering and providing access to the catalogue of networked data and material

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Providing access to the country's documentary heritage and aimed mostly to the Canadian public, this site can be useful for those researchers interested in Canadian history and matters

Updating Rate

This site does not provide particular info about content updates, which most probably are posted instead on each archive participating in the project