Eurobaromenter is an initiative of the European Commission dedicated to the study of the public opinion and its trends in EU and its member states. Provided a remarkable amount of data and analyses since 1973 with a high updating rate.


This website is managed by a group of professionals connected to the Directorate General for Press and Communication of the European Commission


As an European Commission website, Eurobarometer offers its main contents at least in English and French but many documents are available in other EU languages. Annotated items are integrated in an intuitive structure and records are organized in complex archives. Pdf and webformats are usually employed

Information density

Available a huge archive of research reports and studies investigating public opinion in Europe since 1973. Provided long descriptions of the Eurobarometer's surveys and their methodological instruments

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With its focus on the Europeans? attitudes and opinions, this website provides fresh data on relevant trends. A good opportunity for further scientific analysis in political science

Updating Rate

New documents and updates are added on a weekly basis. Periodical EB reports are added shortly after surveys