This French portal gives access to the most important French and francophone online resources concerning sociology. Link lists are alphabetically ordered and resources are commented and fairly updated, by adding new resources when considered useful.


Sociopôle is developed and managed by a small unit of the CNRS, the French national institution for scientific research, with the support of the Social and Human Sciences scientific groups


Link lists and resource sections are presented with a short description and each resource is alphabetically listed complete with name, web address and annotation

Information density

This portal covers France's and French-speaking countries' most relevant online resources for sociological issues, both in the research field and in the academic and collateral organization of the discipline

Content Pertinence to Political Science

All records and info concern sociology, sociologists, and sociology-related issues, being therefore a useful entrypoint also for PS scholars seeking for orientation in a proximate discipline

Updating Rate

Each section is periodically revised and updated according to the main changes occurred in the resources and data. New entries are signaled by a popping icon