The American Memory Project


With more than 100 collections digitized, the American Memory Project is a rich and useful source on the American History. It contains official documents, presidential speeches, old maps, music papers, audio and video files


The American Memory Project is the first public initiative of digitization of the Library of Congress collections. It started as a pilot experiment in 1990 with governmental fundings and now it is exceeding its goals


A wide range of multimedia files are available for each collection. Collections are listed by topics and organized by period of pertinence and publication, with a detailed and visually well presented content description

Information density

More than 100 collections digitized, with about 5 millions items available; topics range from science and technology to architecture, literature and folklore, and many more

Content Pertinence to Political Science

While Political Science is not listed as a specific subject, several sections (such as Government, Law, Immigration, President, etc.) may be quite useful for the discipline

Updating Rate

Since the project aims at digitizing entire collections, the updating process can be discontinuous but good overall