Political Research Online


PROL is a rich-in-scientific-content database, giving the chance to individual scholars to freely publish their works online. It is strongly related to PS issues. Users can freely submit their working papers, under an open although complex policy


Political Research Online is a partnership of a dozen scholarly organizations, led by the American Political Science Association and sponsored by the Mellon Foundation


Preprints and papers are available in various formats (lists, full-texts, etc.). Abstracts and metainfos are also provided

Information density

This site gathers scientific production for an overall amount of more then 17.000 papers, concerning a wide range of topics

Content Pertinence to Political Science

PROL is a comprehensive electronic archive of pre-published research in political science featuring conference papers, working papers, and research institute works.

Updating Rate

Since each single member can upload his/her own paper, the site provides always new material