Australian Centre for Social Research


The Center website is a rich repository of data and social research materials with structured metainfo and detailed descriptions. Despite its high-quality content organization, the website shows a poor updating rate


The staff at ACSR is composed by academicians and professionals with technical expertise in a number of areas, including digital preservation, computer programming and research method. Joint cooperations with other institutions and archives (like the AuSSA and the ASSDA) also support the Center's activities


Rich webpages gather and show impressive data archives with metainfo and related documents. Records are provided in different formats according to the data nature

Information density

Provided detailed info on current projects and research activities. This center's archive contains over 1,000 datasets from Australian surveys and opinion polls

Content Pertinence to Political Science

With its amount of primary data for social research, this website represents a useful tool for political scientists

Updating Rate

Although some old data are always useful, the site seems a bit forgotten: the latest update was in June 2006